home staging

A Little Staging Can Go A Long Way! Photographing A Contemporary Apartment In Leeds

I was recently approached by Mason & Vaughan Group in Manchester to shoot one of their apartments over here in Leeds. They wanted something a little above the usual as they were getting an interior designer (Michelle Mansfield) in to stage the property beforehand. 

The only things that were in the apartment prior to this arrangement were 2 black sofa's and nothing else. These can be seen in the below image. The rest of the apartment was very neutral and an empty carcass. As you can see from the below images, the additional touches Michelle made to the apartment really brought it to life. Granted, she brought in multiple pieces of furniture, but this was an extreme case. In most property sales you could get away with the little touches that really bring it to life.

Adding throw's to sofa's and bed's, books to side tables, flowers, setting the table and other accessories is what makes this. It looks lived in, but also very neat and together. Each piece fits together in the design of the room, while making the room look more attractive, warm and inviting. 

This helps the potential buyer picture themselves in the home and gives them ideas as to what the home can do for them. It also makes the images stand out on the listing and attract more interest.

It also makes for a fantastic subject to photograph, giving interest from a number of angles. This helped us capture the entire apartment without having any empty and uninteresting photographs.

What do you think? From zero to hero? Or a waste of time?