Before & After

The photographic art of painting with light

I relish taking care of the finer details. From my staging and lighting techniques to digital post-processing, I can assure you of impactful imagery that’s still artistic and honest.

Often, I’ll layer and blend multiple shots into the original to create a more compelling image, one that really conveys the mood of the space or scene and makes you feel like you’re already there.

See how the magic happens

Here’s a selection of before-and-afters, along with a time-lapse video of my process.

Drag the sliders to reveal how I achieved the mood in each image.


Before & After Time Lapse Video

Below is a time-lapse video showing my complete process from start to finish on a commercial interiors shoot. I begin by adding light to the various chairs and tables in the scene, taking multiple images to combine later in post-production. You will then see me import each capture into Photoshop to then layer each image, followed by colour correction and some final tidying up. Click play to begin.