About Rob

You don’t take a photograph, you make it
— Ansel Adams

Keen eye. Creative mind. Curious hair. 

I’m a non-identical twin, a self-confessed geek, gamer and music-lover… and I have genuine belly fire for photographing the built and natural environment.

I love nothing more than capturing amazing spaces and structures on camera – especially when they’ve been designed to biophilic principles, with sustainability at their core. In showcasing these innovative buildings, both old and new, in pictures, I hope to inspire many more.

When it comes to perfecting my work, I’m almost obsessive in my craft, composing each of my shots with exceptional care. And yet I’m really easy to collaborate with: flexible and levelheaded, always delivering on time and within budget.

The forming of a photographer

My fascination with all things digital started early. As a child, my idea of light bedtime reading was the Windows 95 user manual.

Understanding computer technology has always come naturally to me, so most of my free time as a teenager was spent teaching myself to use image manipulation software. By the time I finished secondary school, I’d already taken on a number of web and graphic design projects.

Working in the design industry, I became fascinated with digital image manipulation which, in turn, led me to digital photography. Shortly after picking up my first DSLR camera, I came across the work of photographer Elia Locardi, which spurred me to learn to ‘create’ photographs rather than just ‘taking’ them.

Today, my mission is to capture and showcase all the most spectacular scenes the planet has to offer. So if you have a space or place you're eager to share with the world in pictures, get in touch →

Rob Crawshaw in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK on Houzz Rob Crawshaw in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK on Houzz
rob crawshaw architectural photographer leeds west yorkshire uk
Architectural Exterior Daytime Student Accomodatoin The Green Bradford
Commercial Interior The Botanist Bar & Restaurant Leeds
Woodhall Lake, Pudsey. Sunset long exposure landscape