Preparing Your Home For A Photo Shoot

To ensure your your property or home looks at it's best for photo shoot, it's important to prepare before the photographer arrives. This will ensure the images look as clean and fresh as possible, while still giving a welcoming appearance.

Let's get right into it.

Let the light in

Let as much natural light in to the property as possible. This means opening all blinds, curtains, drapes etc. If you feel any view through a particular window is unsightly, take note of this and mention it to the photographer once they arrive.


All clutter has to go. It never looks good in a photograph and disrupts the flow through the image. Toys, items that don't have a home, dirty washing, bags, pet food bowls, toiletries in the bathroom etc. This includes most non-permanent items in the kitchen, unless for decoration. If you have nowhere to put certain bits of clutter, let the photographer know and this can be moved on a per-image basis. Don't forget to check outside as well!

Make & neaten

Use fresh bedding free of folds and creases. Make sure any throws are neatly folder or draped. Towels should be fresh in the bathroom and folded/hung neatly.


Store away any large or obvious personal or identifying items like photos or names.

Cable management

Try and hide away wires from behind TV's, computers or other electronics.

Replace bulbs

If any of your light bulbs are burnt out, replace them. Try to use the same types of bulbs throughout the property to ensure balanced colours throughout.


Open the shower curtain if applicable and make sure the toilet seat is down.

General cleaning

Dust and polish surfaces and window cills. Clean mirrors. Also clean windows where possible.

Tidy the garden

Cut the grass and trim hedges/bushes. Hide away bins.

It might sound like a lot, especially if you have kids, but making sure the property is as clean and tidy as possible will ensure every room looks it's best. The photo's will have more impact and the intended audience will be able to relate more easily.

I hope you have found these tips useful and if you feel I've missed anything that would be worth adding or have any other comments, please let me know down below.