Property Photography Before & After

Though now becoming less common, in the past estate agents have been known to produce some pretty poor photography for their property listings. Whether it's wonky composition, exposing for the windows leaving a dark and dingy interior, lack of depth or an ultra wide angle resulting in an unnatural view of the space. It's not flattering to the property and space and could either turn off potential buyers from enquiring further or they could feel deceived when it comes to viewing the property.

I was recently commissioned by a family who were unhappy with the photography they had received as part of their agents service. Despite being promised great things by the agent, the images just did not do the property justice and made the rooms feel small, dark and uninviting.

Below is a small selection of a few of the images provided by the agent vs the images I provided so you can see the difference they make to the overall appeal of the space. As you will see, only some small changes to the composition improve the image dramatically, then it's a case of getting the lighting and colour correct.

Since my images went online for the vendors, viewings are on the rise and they are looking forward to securing a sale in the very near future.