Shooting A Twilight Exterior At Airedale Mills, Bingley

Once again we have a time lapse video of my complete process from start to finish. This time I'm shooting a twilight architectural exterior image of an apartment complex in Bradford, UK.

I shoot over a period of approximately 2 hours and use light painting to light up the exterior of the building while bringing in different points of time into the final image.

These have to be my favourite images to shoot. I find the level of complexity a challenge but the end result is so rewarding. If you saw my previous time lapse video, this is a very similar technique, except outside and on a much larger scale!

In this video we cover about 4-5 hours of time in 2 and a half minutes. The final image is a composite of about 100 frames with other adjustments on top of that.

If you have any questions about what's happening here, let me know down in the comments.