Shooting The Most Sustainable Student Accommodation in The World

The Green - eco-friendly student accommodation, Bradford

The Green, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

The Architecture

This biophylically designed, £40 million eco-village within the University of Bradford is the most sustainable student accommodation in the world. 

It features this large pond which forms part of the projects sustainable urban drainage solution (SUDs) along with bringing increased biodiversity to the village.

The village also makes use of solar power for pre-heating of hot water for residents, landscaped grounds with barbecue areas and vegetable beds for students to grow their own foods. It also has its own orchard and beehives - awesome!

The Green - eco-friendly student accommodation, Bradford

The Shoot

Everything was working in my favour for this shoot. The weather turned out for me giving me a nice spread of puffy white clouds and deep blue sky. I arrived on time to make sure the sunlight was at the right spot for the image and shot a few brackets. For one of the compositions, a lady also conveniently walked past my camera right on cue  to add some foreground interest and motion to the frame.

In my usual fashion I composited these frames together to increase the dynamic range of the scene and reveal details in the façade. I also painted out a few distracting elements like signs to give the image a cleaner look and to purely showcase the architecture.

Developer: Listerhills SSV
Architect: The Goddard Wybor Practice GWP Architecture